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Tools & Resources for Living with Migraine

Record and Discuss the Impact of Migraine

Record & Discuss the Impact of Migraine

Tracking your migraine attacks is an integral part of living with migraine. Diaries can provide a more detailed insight into your life with migraine, which can help your doctor inform a course of treatment or changes to a current treatment. Bring your migraine diary and your questions to your next doctor's visit.

Migraine Buddy App

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Migraine Buddy is an app designed by neurologists and data scientists. It's designed to track the frequency and severity of migraine, and features tools that provide:

  • migraine buddy feature icon The ability to connect with friends and loved ones and share your status
  • migraine buddy feature icon Detailed reports you can share with your doctor

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"Migraine Mode" Your Life

By taking simple steps and making small changes in your everyday life, you may be able to help prevent the onset of a migraine attack or reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Blocking Bright Light Video Creating Calming Spaces Video Crafting an Ergonomic Workspace Video Stay Hydrated All Day Video

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