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Migraine Taking Your Days Away?

You may be able to keep more of them. A few questions can help you and your doctor make a treatment plan that may prevent migraine.

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More than a third of people with migraine could benefit from migraine prevention therapy, but only a fraction receives it.

This section can help determine if prevention therapy may be right for you. Don't settle for suffering. Talk with your doctor.

About Migraine Prevention Therapy

What does "migraine prevention therapy" mean, and why is it important?

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Working With Your Healthcare Professional

Stop waiting for your next migraine. Team up with your doctor to learn ways that may help prevent migraine.

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You may choose to track your migraine on the go with the Migraine Buddy app, a migraine support app that lets you record important information about your migraine.

Patient Tools

These helpful tools can help you get the most from your next conversation with your doctor.