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Downloadable Tools & Resources

More To Migraine Prevention is committed to providing you and your patients with
the information you need to address the burden of migraine. Challenge yourself to
learn more about migraine through these downloadable resources and helpful links.

To identify appropriate patients and learn more about migraine prevention:

Guidelines on treatment for migraine prevention

To help your patients track and discuss the impact of migraine:

Migraine Diary

Migraine Buddy App

MIDAS Disability Assessment

Find a Specialist

When working to create a treatment plan customized to your patients’ needs, it may
be necessary to refer certain patients to healthcare professionals who specialize in migraine or headache. The doctor-finder tools from the American Migraine
Foundation and the American Academy of Neurology can serve as a helpful resource.

American Migraine Foundation Doctor-Finder Tool

American Academy of Neurology Doctor-Finder Tool
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